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In the last few years, a lot of attention has been paid to the sustainable operation of companies, and the legislation on reporting on the sustainable operation of large and medium-sized companies of significant economic interest has been adopted. However, as we are witnessing that most of the economic activity of the European Union, but also of the Croatian economy, are small and medium-sized enterprises, their role in the sustainable development of the economy is unquestionable. This is why SMEs will be legally obliged to report on sustainability in the near future. Therefore, we cannot ask ourselves what are the benefits of implementing a viable business for small and medium-sized enterprises in relation to the inevitable financial requirements for the implementation of sustainable development. A key question also arises: Are small and medium-sized enterprises, within the national stability of economic trends, at a disadvantage due to more difficult access to sustainability financing, but also to experts in the implementation of sustainable development and sustainability reporting. Customers, business partners and the wider community are becoming aware of the importance of business in the concept of sustainable development. The aim of this scientific research is to analyze the obstacles faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in the implementation of sustainable development initiatives, in relation to the benefits for business.