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APPLY (E-Mail) –> (Lucija Jaklin)

Start Date –> Anytime

Duration –> 6 weeks (remote or face-to-face)

Remuneration –> Meal Allowance

Sustainability reporting is the disclosure and communication of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals—as well as a company’s progress towards them.

The internship involves supporting IDOP in drafting a non-financial report for a Croatian textile company, Croata. During your internship you will have the opportunity to work with project managers and experts in the field of sustainable development and sustainable finance.

Your tasks:

  • – research the impact textile industry has on different ESG topics
  • – assist in drafting content
  • – communicate with stakeholders and do the stakeholder dialog (via interviews and workshops)
  • – help with visual design of the report

You will gain insights and skills regarding:

  • – sustainability issues and analysis
  • – sustainability and business activities in problem solving
  • – acquire basic knowledge and tools for compiling sustainability practices
  • – develop analytical approach for business decision making related to sustainable development