2/4 Participatory Action Research

Participatory Action Research, in contradiction with traditional research, where the researcher is an external observer that interprets the phenomena under examination and proposes theories, is an innovative method of research that takes place inside the communities and requires for community members to actively participate.

This module will introduce you in the Participatory Action Research Method.

You will learn about the basic elements of PAR and the core values of this method. 

There will also be presented the steps that you should take when implementing a research using PAR method and learn how to formulate your own research plan.


The main objective of this module is for the learners to become aware of the Participatory Action Research method and enumerate its basic elements.

Learning Outcomes

The learners are expected at the end of this module to: 

  1. Recall the basic elements of Participatory Action Research
  2. Illustrate the core values of PAR and the connection between research methodology and research results and outcomes.
  3. Formulate a research plan of a Participatory Action Research project.