1/4 Communication and Storytelling

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Each year the Graduate Management Admission Council™ (GMAC™) surveys corporate recruiters around the world with the intention to identify the skills that are  priority for hiring business organizations. And every year the results indicate the centrality of communication and interpersonal skills, fundamental to pursuing personal and professional goals.

SSH professionals possess a wide range of competences that, if implemented successfully, can increase the possibility of a successful employment and professional self-realization. And their successful implementation relies greatly  on being able to communicate efficiently: with peers, professors, tutors, employees and colleagues.

General Module Overview

In a rapidly changing world where knowledge becomes the new currency it is crucial to have information gathering and processing skills. Yet it is even more crucial to have strong communication skills allowing to share accumulated knowledge and progressive ideas with others thus developing a supportive environment to implement those ideas (e.g. to negotiate and convince potential clients and stakeholders as well as to ensure smooth work inside organization and between team members). This module focuses on raising awareness about the complexity of the communication process and provides tips and tools for effective and engaging communication in professional settings.

Main Objective of the Module

The main objective of the module is to provide SSH students with various techniques and practises on how to communicate effectively and present their ideas in a number of creative ways within professional contexts as well as a helpful tool-set to develop confidence and leave a positive impression on others while securing valuable business relationships.

Learning Outcomes

  1. demonstrate effective presentation and communication skills when introducing ideas to different audiences in different contexts;
  2. identify challenges of communicating in different environments and choose the best techniques to overcome them;
  3. demonstrate strong storytelling skills in gaining active audience engagement while pursuing their approval;
  4. develop helpful skills for overcoming communication barriers.