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APPLY (E-Mail) –> (Eugenijus Kaminskis)

Start Date –> Anytime

Duration –> 6 weeks (face-to-face)

Remuneration –> Transportation Allowance

We are looking for someone, who can help us to revise our office space and practices in order to make our office more sustainable

Modern society has insufficiently supported the human need to affiliate with nature, erecting various obstacles to the satisfying experience of the natural world, often treating nature as simply raw material to be transformed through technology or a nice but NOT necessary recreational and aesthetic amenity. This increasing separation from nature is reflected in much of our modern agriculture, manufacturing, education, healthcare, urban development, and architectural design.
The modern assumption that humans no longer need to affiliate with nature is revealed in the widespread practice of placing people in sensory deprived and artificial settings such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping centers–with little if any contact with natural forces and stimuli.

Lets rethink office and make it more sustainable as well as more friendly to its users.

Basic info:
Our office hosts around 30 people.
It is an open space with several meeting rooms.
It is a new building (glass/steel).

Some areas of rethinking:

  • People behavior
  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • Food
  • Recycling
  • Energy
  • Commuting
  • Our produced products and services.

You can focus on some of them that are the most interesting to you.

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